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How to study: a millennial guide

As I phased out of attention in the middle of a seminar on Fordism, I considered why I was indeed phasing out of attention. I wasn’t bored. In fact, Fordism and neoliberalism and the global political economy are among my many top academic jams. But my mind was instead on Twitter and Tumblr and Facebook and ‘what shall I tell the internet next?’.
My brain was battling, yelling at me to focus. And as I left the seminar I decided to reform myself. Every student knows that feeling; as you leave a seminar, you think ‘I’m gonna go home and work for a First!’ only to go back and resume procrastination.

How the hell do you make studying and learning less of a chore? How do you make procrastination a no-go?
I enjoy learning, but I enjoy social media and blogging more.

Then I had the idea of forging the two.
How best to study than to blog-study? Portmanteau that shit irl.

So here’s the dealio, I’m gonna use this blog, under the category ‘Study’, to create a blog feed of what I’ve learnt, key books and reading, key academics, and my opinions on the lot of ’em. I have opinions. Dude, I have a lot of opinions. So why not be opinionated about my work? Why not, instead of viewing it as work, view it as a channel for writing opinion pieces.
So, the plan will be to use this blog to opinionate into the abyss about the likes of Henry Ford, Keynes, Friedman, Picketty, et al, and see if that aids revision.

The ironic thing about this? This post is me procrastinating.