The real weak leader

This election can be summed up with one image:
times 1

“What do you mean, Jade, that’s just a standard front page?”

Yeah, fucking precisely.

Look at that shit. Labour’s taxes on banker’s bonuses and mansions apparently affecting ordinary families (Hands up who’s dad’s a banker in a mansion? Yeah, me neither) above a picture of Cam Cam posing pretty for the camera. It’s a selfie stick, see! What a precious honey bear. So swaggy, much cool. Rolled up sleeves. Hit with the crowds. No one mention the hen party that mobbed Ed Miliband. Starstruck fans in the background. Isn’t he a dreamy munchkin who’s campaign is SO positive and happy as this picture suggests? 🙂 <3<3<3 #cameronettes

It’s this bullshit that sums up the dependent Tory campaign. For weeks now, the aggression from the press has been mounting. From Trident to the SNP (who have coincidentally been working ad homen with the Tory press, feeding them ‘prop up Ed’ snippets -another tool at Cameron’s dispense) to tax, with a cutesy picture every now and again of their Lord and Saviour, Ham Face, doing something cute like kissing a newborn lamb before the cameras move way in time for him to eat it then regurgitate the carcass for his new reptilian spawn.

There’s a reason for this crazed media frenzy. It was recently revealed by one of the last patron’s of not-right wing press, The Independent, that Murdoch sent a memo to staff to ramp up the attacks on Miliband -the first leader ever to pose a threat to Murdochian hegemony- and to Protect Cameron At All Costs TM. This is after supposed mutterings on Fleet Street that, in light of Cameron simply not having his heart in it, hacks have taken to ‘winning it for him’ if he does not intend to win it for himself. A few weeks back, Murdoch was quite critical of Cameron, hoping to ignite something of a leadership struggle to pressure him, but it’s now back to pandery wandery uncritical mutual ass-licking.

This is bubblewrapping on a vast scale. No matter the bad news -recently Trussell Trust reported that 1m are now using foodbanks – coverage of the Tories is incredibly flowery, incredibly quaint and without scrutiny. There’s not much point discussing the harsh contrast there is here with Miliband’s treatment -I’d assume my reader’s have SEEN THAT SHIT- but there’s a very distinct contrast to make on leadership nonetheless.

The caricatures of Ed as ‘weak’ and all that bullshit that’s now gradually being dismantled with unfiltered exposure and a new ‘Milifandom’ of teenage girls who, far from being ‘crazy and hormonal’, are more intelligent than the old white guys who fall for the incessant bullying, are a result of him attacking the very press that Cameron opened the doors of Number 10 to. This is a pattern of Ed’s ‘weak’ leadership: he has broken every rule. On Murdoch. On the banks. On the unregulated markets. On neoconservative foreign policy. He has stood up to the powerful while Cameron plotted a Benefits Blitz on the weakest of society with them over a cup of tea.

It begs the question; who is the weak leader?
The man who’s stood up to Rupert Murdoch and is now paying the price, who -if he becomes PM- will not owe anything to anyone, will have done it despite the odds and as a victory for unmitigated democracy; or the man who relies on a loyal corporate press to bring down his opponents and sugar coat his campaign for him?


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