New year, new me [distant boos and hisses]

So 2015. Something significant is happening this year. Something. Something significant enough to have prompted me to start a blog in dedication to offering my opinion about it. And when I say offer, I mean to shout aggressively into the abyss and, upon hearing my echo, yell at it for the sake of conflict.

This blog will feature reactions to the world as I move reluctantly through it in this, the first election year where I will get to vote. When I say this, please know that I am squealing behind the screen. I’m a political nerd, and have been pretty much since my forceful removal from ignorant bliss in the apolitical world of the womb.

I watched the 2010 election come and go, with very little knowledge of what the hell was happening but apparently with aggressively-held opinions on what colour tie was best for the country. Yellow, by the way. I still have that Lib Dem Guilt.
I’ve thus been annoying my peers pretty much since I knew how to spell ‘peers’, so I thought it best to channel my frustrations here like other nerds seem to do.

Especially though, I often find myself powerless to counter the very sources of my frustrations. My mother’s partner purchases The Daily Express every. Damn. Day. I thus find myself in dismay every. Damn. Day. I will see the words ‘long term economic plan’ pretty much every. Damn. Day. with no long term plan to deal with such an annoyance. I see such lazy terms as ‘they’re all the same’ with nothing but my 140 characters to @ the perpetrator.

So here we are, a blog for me to act as a Counter Machine in a world full of things to counter. I am truly that entitled and annoying.



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